Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hindu Dharma – Part 1

I wish to inform you that I had written a book on Hindu Dharma in english and the same will be published here in this website as articles on a regular basis. In this process, the 1st part is here and the rest will be continued in the coming days – Author


Hindu Dharma which has Omkaram as the source, is Sanatana. It implies that this dharma which is inaccessible to any research, is not known when it came into operation. Such a sanatana dharma (ageless righteousness or human ethics) is in a very critical stage today. It should be our main aim to protect such dharma. If we desire to qualify ourselves for that, we should first of all acquire full and complete knowledge about our dharma, its position, prospects and the important features. Hindu dharma’s glorious position is to be understood. Mainly we should know the way of practising dharma, practise it as much as we can, preach it to others and make them practise it. If we do that, we can develop our individuality to a great extent. We will be able to lead our family and also society in the path of dharma. By that we would be able to do lot of good to the society and through it to the country.
Some people think, after reading the biographies of Balagangadhara Tilak, Mahatma Gandhi and Prakasam pantulu who fought in the war of Independence, that had they been born in those days, they would have put in a lot of effort and earned lot of fame and that such an opportunity was not available to them in those days. Now, there is more excellent opportunity than that. Dharma had fallen in great danger. If we put in effort like the people above for protection of dharma, we get great fame not on this earth but, also salvation after our life. So come! Com forward, put in great effort and like another Swami Vivekananda sanctify the community and get your life fulfilled. Make best use of your life. If you want to do work, there is plenty of work. Participate in the war of Dharma’s independence. At one time pronouncing the word “Hindu” was considered as a problem; so also today the word “Hindu” has fallen into difficulty. Just as our country got insulted during the foreign rule, so also our Hindu Dharma is getting abused with the influence of other religions.


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By. Dr . Annadanam Chidambara Sastry.

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