Friday, April 8, 2011

Hindu Dharma – Part 2

          If you observe the main features beloging to Hindu dharma, you will see – “Omkara moola mantradhyaha – Punarjanma sadasayah – Veda go pratima sevee” – It means a Hindu is the one who has Omkaram as the “moola mantra” (basic holy mantra for chanting) believes in the doctrine of punarjnama, has the nature of following good custom and practices, follows the Hindu literature like the Vedas, cow worship and worship of Idol. In this book, devine articles explaining each of these special features are written.

               There is a comment about Hindu religion that we have several gods and there is no unity. The article on “Omkara” is an answer to that comment. All gods have originated from Omkaram. That is why before the worship of any deity, Omkaram has to be chanted first. By chanting omkaram, several healthy and spiritual benefits accrue to us. Please read the essay with the caption “Omkaram” which has all the things in totality. The one feture which only Hindu dharma has preached and other religions do not accept, is the doctrine of rebirth (‘punarjnma‘). In India and other countries, we are coming across several evidences which prove our doctrine as the real one. Foriegners, after conducting several researches are agreeing with this. Apart from the evidences in the ancient books, results of modern researches are also made know to you in this.

                 Next topic is “Sadacharam” (observance of good customs and traditions). From the times immemorial, our elders have been teaching us about several traditions. Those are the ones which gives us good health and longevity. If we leave then, it is our loss only, certain superstitious practices also have set in this Sadacharam during the course of time. It is our bad only if we practice them, simply because they were recommended by our elders. So we have to know which are the good pracices and which are the blind ones. The article on this Sadacharam contains as to how we can make our human birth (which is impossible to get) worthwhile, what are the methods and practices which are to be followed right from getting up from bed in the morning till we sleep in the night, the evidences there for in our dharma sastras, the health matters, spiritual behaviour implied in them and the significant principles of yoga, and health implied in “tilaka dharana” (putting a mark on the forehead).

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by Dr Annadanam Chidambara Sastry

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