Friday, April 15, 2011

Hindu Dharma – Part 4

                 Hindus are giving up their dharma out of sheer negligence, where they are in majority and out of fear and ineffectiveness in the area where they are in minority. It is doubtful how long our dharma can withstand in this condition. This what happens to us if we become minorities. In Jammu and Ladakh regions, Hindus have become minorities. Having migrated from those states to others, they are leading their lives miserably. Among these, there are the Hindus who denounced the Hindutva in the name of broad heart. Even those people were also driven out but nobody appreciated their broad hearts. Even thos did not bother about the dharmas of their religion but lived to earn lakhs of rupees as their ultimate aim, had also fled from their leaving there wealth. So we have to understand that, only when we can protect out dharma, we protect our dharma, we can live comfortably. The atrocities prepetrated on the Hindu woman in Jammu & Kashmir are intolerable. We saw in newspapers that those who molested the woman were writing their slogans on the thighs of woman. Had the hindus been in a strong position, would those women be subjected to such a fate? It has come to the Government records itself that one hundred temples were attacked and destroyed. How much destruction was there which did not come to record. Things are to be arranged properly, when lamp itself is still there. So it is good to wake up and search for the ways of protecting ourselves.

                  Unfortunately selfishness and money have become everything for us. There is no end for our thirst for money and selfshness. That has become the only aim for us. In that intoxication we are not in a position to bother about the society which is around us. See the trends of Christians and muslims who are living along with us. See the difference in them between our childhood and today. For them their religion is impotant. They are striving every moment for the development and publicity of their religion. While their religion is developing from day to day, our religion is declining day by day. In our subsequent generations, other religions may enter our families. Our minds are falling to a level of thinking that if money is there, it is enough for us and other misfortunes do not bother us.
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Written by Dr.Annadanam Chidambara Sastry

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