Monday, April 25, 2011

Hindu Dharma – Part 7

The other people are changing the minds of Hindus in all possible ways. From the newspaper “Vaarta” dated 07-02-1999, we would understand how much propaganda is being carried on through the teachings to the youngsters in schools and hospitals, where we consider education and medical treatment as great services.We are all thinking that it is service only but are unable to realise that its effect is pushing us in to a great danger. It is very much necessary to reform our schools and hospitals to patronize and encourage our own institutions. Every Hindu should become aware and observe as to why, other religions, even though there are people who are poor, uneducated and sick, suffering in their countries, are coming here and making available their services to us only, instead of serving their own people? We should understand the reason behind this and be careful about them, otherwise we cannot protect our dharma.

Terrible harm is being done to the Hindu from all sides. More than all these, the greater danger is the anti-Hindu secularism of our politicians. Secularism is the policy of our constitution. If it is properly implemented, we would be fortunate ones. But with the selfishness of politicians, this seculasism is becoming fatal to the Hindutva itself. Some Hindu dharma propagators went to a politician who was born as Hindu, to sell a book on Hindu dharma for one rupee. Immediately that politician told them that he was not a Hindu but secular one and refused to give even a single rupee. The same person, when people of other religion approached them for help to conduct a meeting of foreign religions preacher, offered them chairs, benches, clothes and money. That politician, by his action, had finally decided that secularism meant not helping the Hinduism but giving every thing to other religions. This kind of psychology only is dominant in politics.

If we express anguish for acts of injustice done to the Hindutva in our country, our own people say “Are we Hindus not in mejority? So everybody co-operates with minorities only. We Hindus who are in majority have to compromise and this is unavoidable.” When we give expression to our agony about the situation of the Hindus not being able to fulfill their duties of religions dharma in countries like Pakistan and places in our country like Kashmir and North. East states, other reply that the Hindus being in minority lack strength. So they have to adjust themselves; what kind of deplorable condition is this? Is it the fate of the Hindus to compromise and suffer whether they are in majority or minority? How horrible it is for a single religion to suffer in all situations? Whom we have to blame for this? The main reason for this is the absense of spirit of Hindutva in the Hindus, lack of unity among them and absense of their feeling that they are Hindus. The solution for all these problems is that a Hindu is to know himself as a Hindu and form as an integrated power. Whatever it may be, a Hindu should live as Hindu. for that proper effort should be made from our side.

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by Dr Annadanam Chidambara Sastry

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