Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hindu Dharma – Part 3

                       However much social and financial power and expertise are used by the foreigners of other  religions for spread of their religions, all such religions were born from the experiences of people who were seekers of the truth and self. But the Hindu dharma is not man-made. You can also become a religious prophet, if you have the power and intelligence to preach and gather a society which can listen to you. Hindutva was not born in such manner. ‘Sanatanam’ means one that is not created by men.  Nobody knows when it was established and it is a permanent one. But his self – regard is not there among the Hindus. There is no anxiety for these people about the dangers faced by this dharma. The respective prophets of other religions by reforming the tradition of their respective countries. They are suitable for those respective people but not us. Our sages had told us what is proper for us. We have to follow this one only. Our dharmas had been told by the God in the form of the vedas in such away that they are applicable to all people at all times. While our dharmas and traditions are getting proved as permanent truths more and more by the physical science which is continuously developing, we are not able to recognise our values.  Only a person who knows the value of a thing, will be able to carefully protect it from getting destroyed. The main reason for the danger caused to the Hindu dharma is the ignorance of the Hindus being not aware that their religious dharmas are so great. With that objective only this book is written.

                         At present our sanatana dharma is plagued by several diseases. Out of these diseases, some have come due to internal reasons and some others have come from out side. For these diseases what ever treatment we can do, we have to do. If there is a disease to our body, we take care of it, otherwise it is a loss to us only. In medical science, the important rule is knowing about the reason for the disease. (‘Nidaname Pradhanam’). Nidanam means to know why the disease has come. We cannot do treatment with out knowing the reason for the disease so also for the affliction caused to our dharma. Knowing the reason there for is important. That is why we have to examine our problems from all angles. Please think over the truth in it with a patient mind. Think for good solution. Each one’s problem may be of special nature. Since we may not have that same problem, we should not keep quiet as un unconcerned with that but we have to understand the others’ problems also, so as to take care that those problems do not come to us.

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