Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hindu Dharma – Part 10

Nowadays, movies are influencing the people very much. All those movies are doing harm to the Hindutva only and helping other religions. For example, in many movies, villians are shown as wearing Tilak on their foreheads and doing worship to Gods in our temples, while heroes are shown as a great ones who oppose our traditions, and worship of Gods and at the same time helping other religions and following their traditions. The influence of such movies is frieightfully falling on our youth who have gone down to the stage of looking at other religions as the heroic ones.In many movies, priests of temples, putohits join the side of villians, teach them deceipt, treachery, wickedness and also take part in doing bad things. At the end they are shown as fatally beaten by the hero. That way, the procedures of those movies are creating negative impression among the people on our Hindu temples and traditions. They say that there are wicked once among our priests. If that is the case, we also know tht in all the affairs of all religions which are in litigation in courts, there are people like this there also. But neither the writers nor the directors and producers have the courage to write or show such people, but they destroy only the Hindu dharma. Neither the producer of that movie nor the director and writer think that they are harming their own religious dharma. Showing their pseudo devotion, they put the name of God before start of the picture, start destroying the dharma of that God with in that picture itself. What to think of their Hindutva? If we do not analyse, there is a lot of danger. It is very much ncessary that each one for himself has to write to cine writer, producer and director about these things and also question them in interviews. this will have effect on them since they also do things knowing the pulse of the people.

News papers and magazines are the great media of publicity in the eyes of educated people. Whichever Hindu festival comes, we find all these papers and magazines full of humorous cartoons on the Hindu Gods. If a cartoon is published on other religions, immediately those papers along with their printing press machines will be destroyed. So these papers and magazines satisfy their entire itch on the Hindu Gods only. Seeing those cartoons, the Hindus who ought to weep over them, laugh heartily. If ten people react to this and write letters to the paper, saying it is very unjust to do so, such things would be definitely stopped. But there should be strong will in us to do so. Let us do atleast from now onwards. Anogher thing is there. It has become the trend of news papers to publicize in a big way about the so called injustice, real or unreal, done in the case of other religion, and to keep their mouths shut, in the case of injustice done to the Hindu dharma. As a proof for this, several incidents are happening every moment. Then the owners of those papers and writers are all Hindus only. But for them, their business is more important that their dharma and also the response of the public is also important. Hindus should respond and write articles about the injustice done to them. If they do like that, the management of news paper also in turn pass on only justified to the public. It should be noted tht in such things also our care is necessary.

There are several Hindu spiritual magazines. In them, there are things related to our puranas and vedanta. It is desirable and needed, if articles which develop ‘dharmic nishta’ are also given in them. Still horrible thing is some magazines under the name vedanta magazines are publishing articles on other religions and related photos on their cover pages. What is this depravity? Do the magazines of other religions carry articles on the aspects of our dharma and biographies of our great people? They write about us only to adversely criticize us. So our people in their anxiety to get the credit of being called as broad hearted people, are doing harmful things. Through these, they are giving the touch of other religions to our Hindus and diverting their attention to that side. The point is if our people ger diverted that side, they do not come back to our side. We can only send our people that side but not bring them back. In fact the people who subscribe to these magazines and read them are the Hindus only. If the Hindu magazines try to focus the influence of other relgiions even on those good Hindus, what to say about our deplorable state?

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by Dr Annadanam Chidambara Sastry

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