Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hindu Dharma – Religion – 6

Know the foreign conspiracy:Vivekananda says that a Hindu is the one who gets “infinite inspiration and whose whole body gets electrified, the moment the sound “Hindu” reaches his ears. That way the word ‘Hindu’ is very holy and infinitely powerful. Since that word enables the Hindus to become self-respecting people, which would be to the disadvantage of foreign religions, the foreign and people of other religions have tried hard and also are trying hard to keep that word in the background. Some people who are devoid of self-respect are falling in their trap. As part of that evil strategy, they have started publicity that the word ‘Hindu’ has got a bad meaning in other languages. Unable to understand their plot some people are falling prey to their line of thinking. Some people have become ready to say for the satisfaction of others, that it is enough if we think ourselves as ‘Bharateeya’ instead of Hindus. But the word ‘Bharateeya’ which says ‘India that is Bharat’, does not reflect completely the Hindutva. Socially and politically all are being recognized as Bharateeyas. We are all Bharateeyas. This sense of unity is good but people of other religions are taking care of their aims and objectives on the basis of their religions and with the concept of their foreign nations. If we, who are different from these do not strive for the values of this land, without forgetting our religious foundation as the Hindus, we fall into serious danger. Gradually, we lose everything.

Bharateeya’ expresses national feeling. It has no flow of tradition and thought. If at all, it has, it is only the flow of Hindu tradition. It is not favoured by muslims and christians with religious views. Through this, flow of true Bharateeya tradition and thought gets extinguished. If it is to withstand, the Hindu community is to be wakeful. The word ‘Bharateeya’ cannot reflect completely ‘dharmika’ aims and ideas in us. There is a lot of danger by that. While the other religions are promoting their line of tradition and thought, even while saying we are all Bharateeyas, the Hindus who consider themselves have forgotten that they too have a flow of tradition and thought. By this reason, very soon al may remain as Bharateeyas but the Hindus would not be there. Not only that, there is a danger of removal of Bharateeya in the subsequent period, when once the ‘Bible kingdoms’ and ‘Moplasthans’ are established. In the guise of joint family like Bharateeya, the Hindus are losing their own identity with the idea of unity. They are destroying themselves in the name of high ideals. People other than the Hindus are developing by taking care of themselves. We are seeing in joint families that while some are strengthening themselves by taking care of themselves, some are working with sense of total dedication and getting themselves extinguished. The Hindus should recognise that the fate of Hindus would be like that and have to take care of themselves.Otherwise there would be a lot of harm to the dharma and country. That is why, great people are saying that the Hindu consciousness is the welfare of Bharat. For that, we have to do our own effort.

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by Dr Annadanam Chidambara Sastry

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