Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hindu Dharma – Part 8

Those of other religions are prepared to lose anything for the sale of their religion. But our people ready to lose our religion for the sake of anything. For example, a Hindu youth if he loves a non-Hindu girl, would leave his Hindu religion for marrying her. He will say that he is sacrificing his religion for his love. If a Hindu girl loves a non-Hindu youth, that youth will not leave his reliigon. That Hindu girl only leaves her Hindu religion. This is the condition. In which ever way it is seen, inter-religious marriages are strengthening other religions only. So those people may encourage such marriages, but they fail to notice the way in which our children are going. If we develop earnestness in our dharma, such dangerous things would not happen. So it is very much necessary for their family set up that every father and mother should make their children enter and move in the path of dharma.

Not only that, we have to ensure that our children do not go far away from our religious dharmas right from their childhood. We should also keep an eye on them to know whether there is divine nature in them or demonic. Mainly they are to be protected to ensure that they do not get away from our dharma. By admitting them in the schools run by other religions, we are making them to go away from our religion. When they get into proximity to other religions, they begin to do things like removing tilak on their faces, refusing to pur namaskaram to our Gods, refusing to come to our temples and doing the prayers of other religions. Even though they do not change outwardly due to the fear for their parents, they will undergo a lot of change in their minds.

They start thinking that the other religion is a great one, our religion is not worthwhile and all our customs and traditions are superstitious. Except having concern for the child’s education, we are not realising that as a consequence of this, he would become a problem to us in our own house by going against our religious values. The effect of influence of other religion on us starts there itself. By the time the child becomes youth, he thinks it as a great thing to deny our religious dharmas, praise the customs of other relgions and follow them. He gets into that bad condition automatically. unable to understand that we ourselves are responsible for such
a situation, we are getting into problems. when that youth grows futher, things like friendship and love will bring him to the stage of entering the other religions. When the situation goes out of our hands, even if we attempt to tell him about our dharma, he does not listen to us and not follow what we say. Is it that we do not have schools and convents which sustain Hindutva in us?

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