Thursday, May 12, 2011

Hindu Dharma – Part 11

                                The effect of loss of sense of touch with dharma is in such stage that one Government employee questions as “Let it be Sir! What if all the people go to other religion?”. Unless the residence of such person is shifted to the old city in Hyderabad or in Kashmir, proper reply would not be available to such a person. Except the destruction of Hindutva due to such people’s great thought, there would not be a single religion through out the country. The country would break into pieces, with the confrontations and conflicts between the Muslims on one side and Christians on the other side. For achieving the unity of Hindus by their waking up. When Jamait-e-Islam with the intention of bring Islamic revolution in the world, wanted ‘Jihad Funds’ (money for waging holy Muslim war) donation of five crore rupees and ten kilos of gold were given with in three days. Every year, crores of rupees are being spent by christian countries to convert our whole country into a totally christian one. But our fate has become like this. Hindus ar questioning what harm is there if their religion goes way. The peculiar thing is that the people who think that nothing would happen if their religion goes away, fight for their caste. They do not do any harm to their family. While the other religions are striving hard for the spread of their religions, the Hindus, without having self-respect, are hesitating to think themselves as the Hindus.

                                  Every christian goes to the church on every sunday in a week without fail. Muslim goes to the mosque on every friday. The Hindu who considers all the days as pious days does not go to temple on any day. This fact is known to every one by self-inspection. He does not follow the dharmas of his own religion but tries to do some thing for other saying it as respect for other religions. Are we to reconcile to this pitiable situation like this only? Can’t I do anything as a Co-Hindu, I thought. I should wake-up my Co-Hindus. At least some of them should be made ready to know completely atleast about the Hindutva. If we know the value, we preserve the things. If we do not know the value, we leave even gold. By not knowing about the Hindu dharma only, our people are leaving it today. So we have to make them know the value. It is enough if people, who have come to know the value, protect the Hindutva gets rejuvenated. The glass chimney of our Hindu lamp has become dim with covering of black soot. If that soot is wiped out, the lamp shines brightly and fills the entire world with light. This effort is only a part of that. With this the entire community gets activated. Please read this book completely with attention and earnestness. Definitely the light of dharma with in you brightness up and sanctifies your surroundings.

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by Dr Annadanam Chidambara Sastry

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