Monday, May 9, 2011

Hindu Dharma – Part 9

Among us, real philosophers are becoming rare but false and cynical philosophers are increasing. Some of these false ones go on talking saying ‘Oh! what these religions are! Don’t they know that God is one? What is there, if He is called by any name? Why particular about a religion? Are we to propagate our religion, simply because others are that pseudo philosopher doing their own? Why should we do the same, while calling their as a wrong one?”. We are not thinking of bringing others into our religion with false propoganda and enticements, just as the other religions are doing. It is not our aim to ensure that our own people do not go away from us, to see that our people follow our religious dharmas. From time immemorial, who ever had gone to continents and subcontinents for preaching our dharma, had not encouraged religious conversions in those places. One false philosopher will say “What is there in a religion? Is not every thing God only?”. By saying that all people are the embodiments of the God would agree to leave his wealth and belongings outside his house and happily keep quiet if any one takes away his wealth? Will he leave his wealth unprotected, saying that while getting birth he had not brought anything and while going away from the world, he would not take anything along with him? Thinking that this entire world is filled with Brahmam, will he sleep keeping all the doors of his home open during the nights? Definitely No. He wants that not even a small thing of his should go from him. Nobody should steal his articles. When it comes to their religion, they resort to philosophy. For such people there would be nothing for them except their individual selfishness. For that selfishness, they do not hesitate to jump into other religions at any moment. Even at that time also, while defending their action, they give clarification and philosophical interpretations. Let us not blame such people. With Obedience, we should be able to make them accept our efforts and follow our dharma. The is dharma and divine strength behind us. With that courage only, let us march forward and get success.

Some people, looking at the rush of devotees at the temples express their happiness that devotion among people is very much increasing. There may be good devotion in the people, but if there is no firmness and sincerity in dharma, full benefit of devotion will not accrue to us. If we examine the selfishness of a person behind that devotion, we come to understand the content of real devotion in it. What is to be desired by us is earnestness and steadfastness in dharma. If it is not there, devotion cannot withstand firmly. Suppose if we, the devotees, are doing ‘bhajan’ in a temple, if stores are being thrown on that temple, we leave the God and run away from that place to protect our lives. if it is a case of attack on other religious places, people of those religions come there running and try to save their holy places, placing their life at stake. So, we cannot be totally fearless with our devotion. If there is no steadfastness in dharma. If selfishness alone works behind our devotion, and if that selfishness can be fulfilled through other religions, people suddenly change into other religion and they display this same devotion there also. So we should give importance to earnestness in dharma. If we observe the history, we come to know that we were not put to loss due to lack of devotion. There were crooked people who organized yajnas and divine worships on behalf of Aurangazeb for puttingan end to Sivaji Maharaj, who dedicated himself to establish the Hindu empire. They were all Hindu devotees only, but who lacked sincerity in our dharma, it means that we should work for promoting loyalty loyalty and sincerity towards our dharma rather than devotion.

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By Dr. Annadanam Chidambara Sastry

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