Friday, May 20, 2011

Hindu Dharma – Religion – 5

In several dictionaries, the word Hindu is explained. In ‘sabda kalpa druman’, it is explained as ‘heenam dooshyati iti Hinduhu viseshaha’. This means Hindu is the one community and Hindu is the one condemns bad things. That is our Hindu community. It is also explained as to how to derive other forms of words from this word – ‘prishodaraditvat saadhuhu’. Medini Kosa (a dictionary) says that the word Hindu is to be taken as the word ending with ‘Vu’ kara like ‘sambhu’ – [Hinduhu (singular form) - Hindoo (dual form)  - Hindevah (plus)]. ‘Hindurhinduscha samsiddhou dustaanam cha vidhar shane’ says ‘Adbhutha Roopa Kosam’ which means Hindu is formed to put an end to wicked people and wickedness. From this, we can understand that we can take the word as two words as ‘Hindu’ and ‘Hindoo’ and both of them as good forms (sadhu sabdas). For these words the meaning of ‘daityari’ is also given. That means opposing the Hindu dharma is demoniac. Hindu also means Vishnu and yogi. ‘Hemantakavi Kosam’ says that ‘Hindurhi – Narayanadi devata raktah’ – Hindu is one who has devotion towards dieties like Srimannarayana and other deities.

Hindurdusanriha prokta anarya neeti vidooshakah sa dharma palako vidwan – srouta dharma paraaayanah’, says Ramakosa, which means Hindu is the one who puts an end to wicked people, condemns immoral things, practises dharma, a knowledgeable one and follower of the Veda dharmas. Sri Taranatha Vachaspati who had certain standing in sanskrit literature, while taking ‘Merutantrartham’ in his standard dictionary, derived the other forms from this word. Hence there is no objection to say that ‘Hindu’ word is a sanskrit one. This is how the complete definition for the word Hindu is given.
“Bharateeyaarshi samproktan – ihamutratha sadhakan; yo angikaroti sa sraddham – sat siddhaantaan sanaatanaan; mahatmabhirdivyaseelaiahi – kale – kale pravartitan; sampradayaanaadriyate yah sarvaan paramaarthikaan; yatha kutraapi jaatosou – vaastuyah kopi janmana; sachheelo dara charitah – sotra hinduriti smritah”. This means that a person is definitely Hindu only wherever he is born in the world and what ever he is by birth, if he is the one who accepts with earnestness the age old principles (sanatana siddhantas) told by the Indian sages for achieving the welfare on this earth and also in the other world, honours the traditions set up by the great people in accordance with the time, follows good customs and practises and has a good character and conduct.

The Indian constitution’s direction and decisons of Supreme Court also are explaining the meaning of word ‘Hindu’. For those who are treated as the Hindus, acts were make like the Hindu Marriage Act, The Hindu succession Act, Hindu Minors Act and Hindu Adoption Act. These are applicable to the Hindus only and not to other Indians. In this matter, the word Hindu is explained as:

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by Dr Annadanam Chidambara Sastry

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