Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hindu Dharma – Religion – 7

Nagative Criticisms: There are some among our scholors who have commented adversely about the word ‘Hindu’, simply because the other scholors who are not friendly to them, are saying high about that word and so they have to condemn such good comments. What are we to say about their suicidal jealousy towards other scholors? These scholors have commented in such a way as to bring bad name to their own Hindu dharma, like the disciples of Guru Paramanandaiah, who were about to cut the leg of their own teacher for settling scores among themselves. Even after the Supreme Court itself recognised the word Hindu as ‘Hindu Law’, these people do not accept that word and more over they help others who make nagative comments about that. What we have to say about their stupidity? It seems that in Urdu or some other languages, there are some meanings for the word ‘Hindu’. So that word is not acceptable. Some say that we may call ourselves as Bharateeyas and we are not Hindus. Is there any propriety in refusing the word Hindu? If Hindi speaking people say word ‘dog’ in their languages, are the Telugu people saying that they are speaking foul word? When our children are saying ‘mummy’, are we taking its meaning in the content of Egyptian language? It is incongruous to take the bad meaning of others who are bent on destroying us, and stop tking the correct meanings of our words. See what the so called famous Frontier Gnadhi, Khan Abhul Gaffar Khan told his muslims, “people have come up in the surrounding areas of Sindhu river who sacrified their everything for the sake of their country and community. We called them as ‘khfirs’ and declared them as the ‘Hindus’. Surprising thing is that I am still a Hindu. Till now, nobody convert me as a muslim”. If such a man himself could not refuse the greatness of that word, is it proper for us to reject it? Thinking that the word Hindu had some meaning in Persian language that Frontier Gandhi had not stopped thinking himself as Hindu. Not only that. In Arab countries there is a practice of giving the name ‘Hindu’. One of the wives of prophet Mohammed had the name ‘Hind’. The famous heroine among the stories, Laila had her original name as ‘Hind’. Ameer Muvayiya’s one sister’s name is Hind. Thinking that it is a holy name only, Swami Vivekananda says. “I do not agree with those who have a feeling of animosity towards us might have created a bad meaning for that word today. This ‘Hindu’ word expresses every thing very significant and very thing spiritual. Let us be ready to prove by our action that no other language can create a word which has more great meaning that this one”.

Some people who claim themselves to be the only scholars, argue that since ‘Hindus’ word is not there in our Sankalpa, which says “Bharata varshe, Bharata Khande”, we should tell ourselves as Bharateeyas and not Hindus. The things which are enumerated in ‘Sankalpa’ are only the words about the places only and that sankalpa is not the one which tells about the life style and community. Will those, who do not call themselves as the Hindus, because Hindu word is not there in sankalpa, that they are not human beings since the word ‘human being’ is not there in sankalpa? Such people are satisfying themselves, thinking that it is a great thing for them to do harm to their own dharma, by wasting their intellect in such useless arguments. In ‘sankalpa’, we say about the place and time which are likely to change and not about the words of changeless communities. In sankalpams, we do not say details about ourselves that we are the living beings, human beings, the Hindus, Andhras and males. So it is not at all proper for us to think that we are not ‘Hindus’ simply because that word is not there in sankalpam. There is a problem in calling ourselves as ‘Bharateeyas’. That scholorship is dangerous which thinks it is a great thing to reject another good thing instead of proposing a good thing. If some people say that the word ‘Bharateeya’ came into vogue, because of the king Bharata, what they have to say about community before Bharata? That is the Hindu community. Even though Raghu vamsa became famous because of Raghu maharaja. We should not forget that it was first ‘Suryavamsa’, by virtue of each person, there would be a lot of fame in his name and gets stabilized. ‘Bharata’ word is really great. But this word which is called ‘India that is Bharat’ cannot demonstrate the flow of Hindu life and its greatness. So we have to say only’Hindu dharma’ to differentiate it from other religions and not as ‘Bharat dharma’. So we are accepting only the Hindu word. It is suitable in all aspects.

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by Dr Annadanam Chidambara Sastry

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